Lubrication of rotating machinery has served as the foundation of Howard Marten Company for over 60 years. The core of the business is focused on custom-designed Circulating Oil systems, for installations anywhere in the world, and to virtually all major industries.

For the wide variety of machines served by Howard Marten Company, lubrication system design parameters cover a large range, and are influenced by many factors:

  • Oil grades ISO VG32 to VG680
  • Flow rates up to 1500 gpm [5680 lpm]
  • Pressures up to 2500 psi [17,250 kPa]
  • Anti-friction, Sleeve, and Multi-pad bearing types
  • Hydrodynamic and hydrostatic designs
  • Industry standards such as ISO, API, MSHA
  • Specific jurisdiction requirements including CE, GOST, AS, etc.
  • Customer-specific design requirements

The key to building on a reputation for supplying reliable equipment is a keen understanding of the application, and the specific design considerations that must be taken into account for each particular customer, industry, and project.